Cello+Guitar (vocal x 2). Ahren and Erin weave together a tapestry of intricate melodies that brings to life their catchy songs about love, drinking, and Battlestar Galactica

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Pompeii Graffiti is an indie rock band from Annapolis, Maryland, formed in 2005 in the band room of Annapolis High School by dorky music nerds. The band has released 3 studio albums, "Five Minutes To Midnight" in June 2011, "Annapolitan" in 2013, and “Internet World Tour” in 2018. They are still nerds.


DC-based Electroacoustic quartet blurs the lines between Classical, Electronica, and Americana.

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Balance Campaign

In 2017 a small group of friends with a shared passion for contemporary music formed an ensemble dedicated to discovering and showcasing modern works. Balance Campaign has been using adventurous programming, commissioning, and educational outreach to advocate for new music in the D.C./Baltimore area ever since. Find out more at

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Event ensemble providing live music for weddings, receptions, parties, and gatherings in the DC/MD/VA area.



new music coming soon



earspace is a contemporary performance ensemble dedicated to creating invigorating multi-sensory performances of music worth believing in. We seek to expose the inherent potentials within every moment and space, cultivating visceral reactions unique to every manifestation. Through our projects, we explore the extremities of contemporary performance and work to bring audiences closer to the music they experience. Visit us at